• Elevated dog beds & blankets provided
  • Complimentary Tailwashers Spa Bath (after 2 nights)
  • Skype/FaceTime Video Chat in Suite $10
  • Medicine Administration (injections) $1
  • Pills/Liquid Administration - No Charge
  • Bottled Water $5 daily unlimited
  • Chewy Treats $2/day
  • Fresh Bone Marrow Slice $2
  • Orijen Dog Food $5

Your dog will participate in day play with the other dogs and at night they will go into their own suite to snooze the night away. The cost is $18 for the first dog and 20% off for the second dog. This charge is on top of the day play charge.

If you would prefer your dog to stay in a kennel the charge is $12/night on top of the daycare charge.

The daycare charge is hourly based. Under 6 hours is $20 and over 6 is $30. 

If you check in after 4pm you will not be charged a daycare fee. If you check out before 10am you will not be charged a daycare fee. 

Tailwaggers is equipped with private luxury suites that make your dogs stay with us extra comfortable at night. The glass front suite removes the cage feeling to a dog and leaves them content on their beds for the night. We have large suites to accommodate  the multi-dog family as well.

Tailwaggers also offers free overnight boarding* to locals that provide their own crate.

*does not include daycare charge

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