Tailwashers Spa


Small Dogs: $20

Medium Dogs: $25

Large Dogs: $30

X-Large Dogs: $35


Spa Bath: Includes massaging bath with house shampoo and conditioner. Ear Cleansing, and Nails Clipped/Dremmel.$35

Spa Groom: Includes massaging bath with house shampoo and conditioner. Ear cleansing and plucking if necessary, nails clipped/Dremmel. Trimming and cutting to owner preference and/or breed standard. $60


Cologne Shampooo: $10

Medicated Shampoo: $10

Hypoallergenic Shampoo: $10

Waterless Shampoo: $10

Flea/Tick Bath: $30


Conditioning Coat Treatment: $10

Black Coat Treatment: $10

White Coat Treatment: $10

Oatmeal Conditioning Treatment: $10


Celebrity Package: $45 (Teeth brushing, pawdicure, mud mask, facial & head massage)

Teeth Brushing: $10

Pawdicure: $15 (nail smoothing, pad & elbow treatment, nail pawlish)

Mud Mask: $15 (removes dead skin)

Facial & Head Massage: $20

Beccause bathing and grooming are essential to a healthy pet, Tailwaggers grooming salon is staffed with talented professionals, specially trained to take pet pampering to a whole new level. We apply "better than human quality" products and offer services from standard cuts and puppy trims to facials and pawdicure treatments.  Whether you have a show dog or just want him or her to look or feel like one, the end results are pets that look and feel beautiful. All services are available by a first come first serve basis or by overnight accommodations.  No tranquilzers, just TLC!

At Tailwaggers, you will not need to make an appointment for grooming. We can do Spa Baths anytime during operating hours.  Full grooms should call ahead to check daily availability. Your dog will be allowed to participate in daycare at no charge. 

Master Groomer

Sherry Mauldin

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